Herb Clutter Character Analysis

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The Clutter family was very peaceful. Herb Clutter, the 48 year old owner of the Clutter ranch. Herb’s wife Bonnie Clutter, was bedridden and had severe depression. Nancy Clutter, daughter of Herbert and Bonnie Clutter, was the town's sweetheart. She was loved by everyone. Lastly Kenyon Clutter, the youngest of the Clutter family. Perry Edward Smith, a lonesome man whose life was distasting. He was abandoned by his family, and abused by nuns, i do not envy this man. And Richard Eugene Hickock, he showed no mercy, no emotions like he doesn't even know what he has done. Both men are here today for one thing, murder.

In Smith’s confession he stated “I didn't want to harm the man. I thought he was a very nice gentleman. Soft-spoken. I thought so right up to the moment I cut his throat.” Very unnerving, very unpleasant to think about. What drove these men to kill this family? What did the Clutter family do to deserve such a thing as murder? These men don’t know the answer to that, they could think for hours upon hours and they would never know why they killed the Clutters. Maybe it was just in the moment, maybe it was a spurt of rage, or maybe
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Then he got his mistress pregnant which ended his marriage. He married his mistress, and had 3 kids, then something went wrong. He divorced and started doing petty crimes like writing bad checks to make ends meet. Then you have Perry Smith, with only grade school knowledge, and two siblings who committed suicide in there early adulthood. His parents were rodeo performers, and his father abused Perry’s mother and his siblings, including himself. Soon Perry’s mother took off with the kids. Perry and his siblings were alone for good when their mother finally passed away. They were sent to an orphanage where Perry was abused mentally and physically. Smith didn't have a good life, whatever road he took he was going down the wrong
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