Herbal Tea Essay

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INTRODUCTION Plant Biotechnology is a growing field that encompasses the study of plants and their potential use in addressing currently faced global issues especially in food and health. Botswana as a nation, is rich in plants which carry medical relevance but most of them have not been studied. For them to be truly beneficial to the country, they have to be studied and proven safe for human use and consumption. Their side effects also have to be scrutinized before the implementation of any processes that will involve their use in health care services. (Motlhanka and Makhabu, 2011). The countryside people of the world at large, rely on herbal plants (plants carrying aromatic properties beneficial in medicine, food flavoring and fragrance) as a primary source of their traditional medicines. Some of the herbal plants are used in providing nutritional essentials such as vitamins and minerals as needed by the human body for development and daily functionality. Herbal teas are used for this purpose. Herbal plants have also proven to have highly interesting properties such as their antioxidant, antimalarial…show more content…
Studying herbal teas carries a potential of economic advancement in Botswana; once their properties are justified, they could join the commercial market locally and abroad. Locals could also have a better alternative to spending a lot on pricey exotic commercial teas. These commercial teas are also not readily available in our locality and we could possibly replace some of those that contain synthetic preservatives (Matkowski. et al., 2008). Indigenous knowledge will also be improved and supported through proper and in-depth research. Awareness for the need to conserve natural resources will also be raised so as to avoid depletion and possible extinction of the species whose value is highly

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