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The main aim and notion of this paper is to define Herbert’s, a man of fantastic and outstanding idea, masterly use of hieroglyphs in his different notable and significant as well as outstanding works and to explicate the very importance of their inherently thematic views keeping in mind the notion of hieroglyphs from the trust sense of this term. His main aim, as it is elucidated in this paper, is to, by no means, clarify a new pattern of poem but rather to define and open out a new “emblematic poetry” that will incorporate the basis psychology and overall view of the poet. Herbert very succinctly lighted the hieroglyphs in his few poems, made them effective and touch-stone to examine the values of poetic soul, and signifying the meaning with a more realistic and symbolic sense. Key Notes: Emblematic poetry, hieroglyphs, philosophy and exact attitude of poetic heart and sentiment. Introduction: The word ‘hieroglyph’ defines a figure, symbol or a sign which has some hidden and unknown meaning. This term was very much popular in the seventeenth century and was obtained from Greek for ‘sacred carving’ , defining some strong impact on religion and religious matter. The term was commonly used and practised by all the poets of that time.…show more content…
prayer. Herbert’s use of hieroglyphs in this poem The Altar derives the meaning and understanding of hidden meanings and truths akin to his inner recesses of soul, which is quite unfamiliar to the readers. The hieroglyphs used in this poem- ‘stone’, ‘heart’, ‘cemented with tears’, ‘workman’s tool’ are related to hidden truth of yearning and devotional touch. Herbert by using these kind of hieroglyphs wants to attain ‘thy bless’ (line 15) to ‘praise thy name’ (line

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