Herbert Hoover's Kansas In The Great Depression

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According to Feason in his book, Kansas in the great depression, he said; “Price falls also had a destabilizing effect in the farm community. Farm income was suddenly reduced, and it became especially services for operators holding mortgages who feared the real burden of their debt dramatically increased. Farm closures and the desperate, even violent attempt to prevent them became increasingly common news”, (p.2). This statement is showing how difficult, it was for the farmers and other U.S. firms to export goods. And being that the farmers make up to 1/3 of the nation in the 1930’s, their decrease in export and lack of income had a big severe effect on the nation’s economy. However, the president of the United States at the start of the great depression, was Herbert Hoover. Hoover took the presidential office in 1929, his believes and words to the people of the Unites State was that, the economy will recover. Though the situation of the economy was very bad and heart breaking. He believe that the economy will turn around and become good. According to Hall, Thomas E., Ferguson, and L. David in their book ‘the great…show more content…
At this point, the economy was in a huge economy downfall. Roosevelt believe that The United States will prosper. In his speech during his inauguration he said, “This great nation will endure at has endured will revive and prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which perhaps needed efforts to convert retreat into advances,” ( Saturday, March 4, 1933). In this part of Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration speech he is encouraging the people of the United States and showing his zeal to improve the economy. In the cause of the depression Roosevelt came up with the plan of the NEW DEAL. In his new deal plan, he aim was to stop deflation. Though there were complications in regards to this
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