Herbert Hoover's Life And Accomplishments

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Herbert Hoover was born on August 10th, in 1874. He was born in West Branch, Iowa. He was orphaned by the time he was eight years old. His father died when he was six from a heart attack, and his mother died soon after from pneumonia. Herbert was a quiet person as a kid. He was introverted and didn 't talk much. Hoover was not the best in school. He received average or even failing grades in every class except math. His experience of his parents dying at a young age motivated him to be successful. Herbert got into a new college, Stanford University. He graduated with a major in geology. He was a very successful mining engineer, as was his wife, Lou. He became the Secretary of Commerce under President Harding and President Coolidge. He was…show more content…
He won the 1928 election against Al Smith by a landslide. He was acting President from 1929-1933. There were 48 states during his Presidency. Alaska and Hawaii were not states at the time. Americans were hoping that their lives and the economy would get better, but during Hoover’s Presidency things just spiraled out of control and got much worse. President Hoover did try to stop the Great Depression from happening; he didn 't just sit at home and do nothing. He was concerned even before the stock market grew shaky. He believed stock market prices were too high. Nobody wanted to listen to him then, but when the stock market did crash, it was all Hoover’s fault. "The real trouble was that the bellboys, the waiters, and the host of the unknowing people, as well as the financial community, had become so obsessed with the constant press report of great winnings that the movement [stock market investment] was uncontrollable” (Blumenthal 51). Hoover thought everyone was so obsessed with the stocks, that something bad was certain to happen. The majority of Americans were determined that they would double their money the next day from their stocks. He even tried to go to the big companies and ask them to warn their people about the dangers of the stock market. He tried to get companies to watch what they lender to people too. Nobody wanted to listen to him then because everyone was so obsessed that they wanted to continue to gamble with their money. Herbert Hoover did try, but he could’ve done a lot more to ensure a stable
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