Herbert Schiller's Theory Of Cultural Imperialism Analysis

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As a consequence, Golding and Harriss (1996) claimed ‘‘between the political economic analyses of the postwar globalizing media industries and the more historically grounded discourse analyses of the globalizing myths of modernity remains a space, a historical examination of the practices imperialism institutionalized that carried the social and cultural infrastructure of modernity. In our epoch of high modernity, it has become easier to see imperialism as perhaps the core mover in shaping the world we now inhabit, as a global carrier of the social practices of ‘modernity’ in all its manifestations’’ (p, 50).
1.3. Herbert Schiller’s Theory of Communication and Cultural Domination:
Many academics and thinkers give various definitions to the
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Moreover, in his celebrated book he accurately outlined the Theory of Cultural Imperialism in which he discussed a model of “basic relationships that structures power domestically and internationally’’. Schiller’s theory and analysis of cultural Imperialism was an obvious challenge to the Imperial system and the information-communication mechanisms favoring it (Maxwell, 2003). Maxwell (2003) added ‘‘the struggles around these attempts to formulate policy became extremely significant for Schiller, who began to question the forces promoting policy agendas, as well the prospects for such policy in the international system that he had analyzed. One of the most pressing problems, as he saw it, was the threat that entrenched policy discourses posed to the democratic formulation of new national communication policies’’…show more content…
Cultural imperialism signifies the dimensions of the process that go beyond economic exploitation or military force. In the history of colonialism, the educational and media systems of many Third World countries have been set up as replicas of those in Britain , France, or the United States and carry their values. Western advertising has made further inroads, as have architectural and fashion styles. Subtly but powerfully, the message has often been insinuated that Western cultures are superior to the cultures of the Third World” (p,

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