Herbert Spencer Influence On Society

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Herbert Spencer born at the peak of British industrialization on April 27,1820, was a well renowned philosopher,sociologist,anthropologist, and a political advocate. He was a major contributor to the intellectual life of the Victorian era, perpetually propagating his ideas over the subject matters of society,psychology,philosophy which he later coined as ‘synthetic philosophy’. Spencer’s repute grew stronger when he advocated the ‘theory of evolution’ which led to his intellect being rivaled with that of Darwin’s. (Thefamouspeoplecom, 2017)working further on developing the principles of evolution, he coined the famous term ‘the survival of the fittest’. he believed that these principles apply to the human society as much as they apply to the biological species and other individuals.successfully, he further developed his theories on the functionalist perspectives in the subject matter of sociology, which later became a very crucial inclusion among the various ‘theoretical perspectives’ used to understand the subject. He conceived the idea of ‘the supremacy of the individual over the society and the science over religion’. A liberal in his political preference, Spencer is remembered in his philosophical circles and is highly respected for his criticisms on utilitarian positivism and him safeguarding natural rights. EARLY LIFE Herberet Spencer was born In Derby,England on April 27,1820. He was the eldest of the nine children of Harriet and William George Spencer,but the only
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