Hercules A Greek Hero Essay

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In Greek mythology there are heroes who are are courageous, smart, and strong. They fight for the people and for the gods. Most of Greek mythology is based on those stories. Nowadays heroes are rare and uncommon. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. who was a hero down to the bone. He was a Baptist minister and a social activist who had played a key role in the American Civil Rights Movement. He helped and saved many African Americans lives. He made a drastic change in their lives and history. In addition, we have Hercules. Hercules was a Greek hero that had done many things to become a hero. He had completed the nearly impossible 12 tasks assigned by the gods. That’s a big thing to compare to but I think that they are very similar while…show more content…
Hera made him temporarily insane and he murdered his wife and children. After the murders, he was punished into doing the 12 Labors that were said to be impossible to beat by a mortal. He faced some of the most dangerous creatures, including the Nemean lion whose fur was impenetrable. After he completed the labors, he became famous and gained immortality. Martin Luther King Jr. was also very brave, he was able to convince people to support his opinion even though people said it was impossible. He became the voice for the people. He had started a movement that gave freedom to the people. Both of these men had a goal to achieve and succeeded even with people doubting that they could. On the other hand, there are many differences between Martin Luther King Jr. and Hercules. First of all, Hercules just did everything for himself. Unlike Martin, who later did his deeds for everyone and himself. The next difference was that Hercules had a sword and weapons and killed evil monsters. Martin Luther King Jr., on the other hand, didn't kill anyone and took a non-violent route. Therefore, he was more peaceful than Hercules and did not use violence to make a point. They both did brave things and did the impossible. That is the difference between Martin Luther King Jr. and Hercules on being a

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