Hercules: A Greek Hero

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Hercules, the great hero and the son of the god of the sky Zeus, is one of the most famous and popular of all the Greek heroes("Zeus"). Hercules was well known for his strength, courage, bravery, and his upstanding personality. Hercules, like most heroes, has a god as his father who was the supreme god Zeus and a mortal mother named Alcmene. Hercules father Zeus was not loyal at all to his wife and cheated on her multiple times with mortal women. This made his wife Hera very mad and jealous, so when she found out that Zeus had an affair with another woman and had a son with Alcmene, she was very angry and sent poisonous snakes into baby Hercules crib. Little Hercules strangled the snakes and killed them before they could bite him. From then on, Hera 's goal was to make the rest of Hercules life miserable.…show more content…
He had strong connections with the gods and also crazy strength. He was the strongest out of all of the heroes as if he almost had superhuman strength. (“Hercules”) Hercules was also an excellent warrior and a champion in wrestling and once wrestled his father Zeus to a draw. He was said to be so fierce that he could throw boulders around as if they were tiny stones and was said to be able to move mountains that got in the way of his cattle. Just like his strength, Hercules bravery was very deep in
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