Hercules And April: Do People Know Their True Identity?

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It is important for someone to know their true identity because if that person does not know they could be doing something different what their friends or family would have expected and wanted them to do. A person that does not know their true identity could be doing something outside of their religion or beliefs that their family had. If someone does not know their identity then that means that they are more than likely trying to be in different groups and trying to fit in. A very important thing to remember is to be yourself. That is not very easy whenever you do not even know who you are. Hercules and April struggle to find their identity because nobody can tell them who they really are. Nobody wants to hand out with them or be their friends because they do not fit in.…show more content…
Hercules and April both do not feel as if they belong. They both do know belong where they are and they do not have any friends. They both have to believe in themselves to stand out to others and find their real identity. Aprill has to believe in herself to take her mask off and find out who she is whereas Hercules has to believe that he can find where he belongs as he travels to find out who he is.Hercules and April also both have to show everyone who they really are by taking off their mask and showing their strength. In conclusion Hercules and April both have a lot in common with figuring out what their true identity
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