Hercules And Theseus Comparison Essay

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Hercules and Theseus, two great heroes from mythology, seem to be similar in many ways. Both extremely brave and noble; with a love of danger and adventure mixed with compassion, creates the perfect heroes. Their stories intertwine with one another’s when Hercules has to save Theseus from the chair of forgetfulness in Hades. Theseus saved Hercules when he was distraught with intent to kill himself. In a similar way, they both stood by their friends no matter the cost. Though they are similar, they have many differences between each other. Hercules was unfathomably strong. He was the strongest man on the Earth and could defeat anything he encountered. On the other hand, Theseus was such a great thinker. He was the first human to kill the Minotaur and make it out of the labyrinth alive. Hercules was from Greece; however, Theseus was from Athens. Theseus always wanted to be the hero like Hercules. His mental state was in the correct place, but his physical state was not as strong as Hercules. It is constantly mentioned how unintelligent Hercules is. Hercules was powered by emotion, whilst Theseus was inspired by possible self-accomplishment. Theseus’s father was a king, but Hercules’s father was Zeus. Theseus was killed by Aphrodite and Hercules committed suicide. They are both very respectable people with one’s strengths being the other’s weaknesses.…show more content…
Though he may be ridiculously unintelligent and emotionally unstable, he had a burning passion for justice and making things right. No matter how many people he had accidently killed, he always made it right by doing more and more good deeds. He was constantly working to become the best man he could. Though he couldn’t think properly, he was a man of his word. Hercules and Theseus both did great deeds, but Hercules just achieved more because of his strength. His strength isn’t what makes him great; but it is what he does with his strength plus his

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