Hercules In The Film 'The Myth Of Hercules'

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Hercules is known for being strong and mighty even know most people don't know the actual story. Hercules, as a hero has different quests, dragons, ect. Hercules is a different kind of hero in the movie than in the actual story; in the movie he portrays a seeker while in the book he is more of a worrier.
In The Myth of Hercules, the archetype he portrays is a worrier. His main quest is to get forgiveness from the gods. A worrier tries to win just like Hercules “wins” over the gods be completing each task. His main fear was being unable to do each task. A warrior is a afraid of weakness just like how Hercules is afraid of being too weak to do each task. His main dragon is Eurystheus. A warrior slays or confronts his dragon, Hercules does this
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His main quest is to become a god again, A seeker searches for a better life like how Hercules searches for a better life rather than being with mortals. Hercules fears that he wouldn't fit in. A seeker is afraid of conformity like Hercules when he didn't fit into the small town he lived in and everyone hated how he was different. His main dragon was Hades. A seeker flees from their dragon like how Hercules did, up until he changed his was because he knew Meg was in trouble. Hercules’ task was to make himself appear as a god to everyone. A seeker’s task is to be true with the deeper self like Hercules did when winning everyone's trust and love back by being himself. His virtue is hard work to achieve what he wants just like how a seeker's virtue is ambition. Hercules does this in many ways like when he tries to do what he can to defeat each monster that comes in his path. With this, everyone can see that the movie portrays Hercules as a seeker. Hercules has two different greek archetypes; one from The Myth of Hercules and the other from Hercules the movie. What makes him different in the movie and short story is the way he comes across his quest, dragon, tasks, fear, and how his virtue is. Now that everyone knows the actual story about this strong hero, they can see for themselves how he is different in the two
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