Hercules In The Odyssey

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The Greeks are known for constructing tales of great heroes who accomplish what seems to be impossible feats. Two of the most well known of these heroes are the protagonist of Homer’s novel the Odyssey, Odysseus King of Ithaca and the mighty demigod hero Hercules son of Zeus. These two characters are like an orange and tangerine. That is due to both of them having a plethora of similarities as well as differences ranging from traits, to accomplishments, and history. What makes a hero isn't there powers, but rather the path they have chosen to guide their actions. On one hand, we have Hercules, who is strong, having the capability of defeating the toughest of monsters. An example of this is when Hercules slayed the Lernean Hydra, which was a beast capable of regenerating two more heads once one was sliced off. While Hercules has the trait of strength, we have Odysseus, who is given the trait of intellectance. The trait of intelligence was depicted with Odysseus due to the way he figures a solution for any dilemma which might face him…show more content…
These two heroes have similar achievements. First Odysseus and Hercules both had to complete a set of tasks. For Hercules it was his twelve labors, which he had to do such tasks as slaying the Nemean Lion, the Lernean Hydra, Erymanthian Boar, etc. While Odysseus had to complete a set of tasks due to an angry Poseidon sailing him toward dangers. Some of these dangers were the cyclops in the cave , the alluring sirens of the sea, the eight headed monster, etc. Although the reasons for why they had to accomplish these feats is the major difference in the subject of achievements. For the case of Hercules, he accomplished his labors voluntarily since he wanted to prove himself. While Odysseus was forced to do it due to him angering Poseidon. Then in Poseidon's rage he sailed Odysseus's ship toward life threatening
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