Hercules: Is Hercules An Epic Hero?

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November 2015

Hercules a Epic Hero

Do you know about Hercules? How he is an epic hero? First off all he is one of Zeus sons very strong and powerful. He was a semi god, He was from Olympus but had his rights and immortality taken away. So for that he would of not have what he has. He was immortal, also he had lots of strength was very powerful, most of all he was very courageous he never gave up to return to Olympus. Hercules is an epic hero because he is immortal, strong, and courageous.

Although Hercules was immortal at birth but lost it. So for him to be immortal and go up with his father in Olympus he had to do 12 labors. They were very dangerous, as he would complete them all without him dying. So being immortal was very

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