Hercules Script Analysis

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Hercules Script

Scene 1. Narration of Hercules’ birth Narrator 1 (Jason): One day, Zeus fell in love with a beautiful woman named Alcmene. She and Zeus had a secret affair which ended up with her getting pregnant. Hera, Zeus’s wife, found out about the pregnancy and wanted to get rid of the baby. Zeus tried to soothe her by naming the baby Hercules, which means the gift of Hera.

Nissi: ( in the background pretending to be arguing with Zeus, and getting mad)

Scene 2: Baby Herc killing the snakes
(Nissi places Baby Herc into the basket, Nissi as a different character comes and puts 2 snakes in his basket. Hercules squishes them in his hands)
Narrator 2(Grant): “ While Hercules’s parents were sleeping, Hera sent to poisonous snakes into
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Hercules (Ornan): Thank you, I will make sure I finish all the Labors.

Scene 4. Hercules preparing to kill the Lernaean Hydra.
(Hercules takes up his shield and sword, and prepares to finish the task.)
Narrator 2 (Jason): “Hercules was in the process of completing one of his labors. He brought with him his nephew, Iolaus, who drove his chariot. They were in search of the Lernaean Hydra, which was located in the swamps and marshes of Argos. The Lernaean Hydra, a huge snake-like beast with nine heads, was a challenge to defeat. Hercules tried his club, arrows, and a sword. However, none of them seemed to work. Whenever he cut off a head, two more grew in its place. At the same time, a giant crab came to help the Hydra.
(Brad comes in and pretends to fight Ornan. Jason is already fighting Ornan already.)
The heroes fought and got nowhere, until Hercules came up with an idea.
Hercules(Ornan):” Iolaus, build a fire, and light many torches!”
Lolaus(Grant):” What are we to do with them?”
Hercules(Ornan):” I’m going to cut of each head off, and you are going to burn the ends. Then the head will not grow
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Scene 5. Hercules becoming a god

Narration 2 (Grant): “After Hercules prevailed over the Hydra and finished all of his labors, he went on many other adventures. He found another beautiful woman, and fell in love with her. They got married. After he went on his last adventure, he came home to a welcome-home gift.”
Deianira(Nissi): “Hello Hercules, I’m so happy that you’ve come home safely.”
Hercules(Ornan): “Of course I came, I would never abandon you.
Deianira(Nissi): “ I have a welcome home gift for you.”
Hercules(Ornan): “ Oh, what is
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