Hercules: The Archetype Of Hercules In The Myth

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Hercules the noble teen ? Or a murderer ? Hercules was known for being a hero in the movie, but a murderer in the Myth. Hercules shows that he is a hero through the task he completes in the movie and the Myth. The different archetypes show that Hercules is two different characters in the movie and the myth. The archetype for Hercules the Myth appears as an innocent archetype. Hercules quest is to remain in safety which is his spot on Mt.Olympus. Hercules has a fear of being abandoned. Hercules abandoned himself after he killed his family and was thrown off Mt.Olympus. Eurystheus was Hercules dragon. Eurystheus was a King who had a fear that Hercules would take his throne so he assigned him twelve labors that would kill Hercules. Hercules also has to complete these labors in order to be accepted back on Mt.Olympus. Hercules task is to find loyalty, he will find loyalty after he completes his task. When he finishes, he shall also find peace and serenity. The virtue of Hercules in the Myth…show more content…
Hercules knew he wasn’t a regular child. Hercules then had one quest which was to be back on Mt.Olympus with his real family. Hercules has a fear for his true love with Meg to not be true. Meg was working for Hades and ended falling in love with Hercules. Hades wanted Meg to destroy Hercules even though she had true feelings for him.Hades the dragon of Hercules. Hades has been trying to destroy Hercules since he was a baby. Hercules has one task which is to become a god and immortal . Hercules virtue is to continue his true love for Meg. Hercules was known as a noble teen in the movie, but a murderer in the Myth. Hercules shows that he is a hero through the task he complete within in the movie and the Myth. In the end Hercules makes it back to Mt.Olympus in both stories and he completes the missions that were given to
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