Hercules: The Most Heroic

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Hercules is the Most Heroic The view was blocked by shrubs and trees alike. The snorts of the great Erymanthian Boar echo through the forests of Mount Erymanthos. Its stomping caused the mountain to tremor from the heavy impacts of its colossal hooves on the cold earth as it searched for sustenance. Hercules roams the mountain, searching for the beast, intending to capture it and return it to his cousin. Finally, he spots it and begins pursuit of the animal, his heart beating with lightning speed. He drives it into a patch of snow with his spear and ensnares it in a net. He hauls the boar back to to Mycenae for Eurystheus to see and marvel at. The Erymanthian Boar, the Nemean Lion, not even the all powerful Lernean Hydra could amount to the …show more content…

Hercules’ heroism rises above that of all of the others as demonstrated by his determination to finish every quest that his tyrannical cousin bestowed upon him along with his evident, everlasting …show more content…

A hero is one who fights for what is right and saves those who cannot defend themselves. Hercules’ strength and bravery alone does not make him a great hero, his desire to redeem himself for the gruesome acts that he had performed to slay his family while under Hera’s supremacy show that he is not willing to proceed through life as a vilified murderer. The average joe would probably jump with joy if they were given the opportunity to get away with their despicable crimes, not Hercules. His heroism is demonstrated by the first labor, slaying the Nemean Lion. This ferocious beast struck fear into the hearts of those unfortunate enough to live in Nemea; its domain. When the mighty Hercules approached the lion, he attempted to pierce its golden coat with his bow and arrows, but to no avail. Eventually, he wrapped his hands around the savage wildcat, losing one finger in the process, and used his innate vigor to strangle it into submission and ultimately

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