Hercules: The Strongest God Of Greek Mythology

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In any myth Hercules is considered the strongest God of Greek mythology. Hercules is the son of Zeus, however, he was not the son of Hera, Zeus 's wife. Hercules was the result of Zeus being unfaithful to his wife, because of this Hera was jealous and seeked revenge. When Hercules married and had kids Hera made him become insane, this resulted in him killing his wife and kids. When he finally awoke from this state of mind Hercules was devastated to discover what he had done. Devastated, Hercules prayed to the god Apollo for guidance, Apollo sentenced him to twelve years of punishment for what he had done, this is better known as the twelve labors. Hercules endured the impossible and overcame hard journeys. At the end of the twelve labors Hercules
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