Hercules True Identity

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It is very important for a person to know his or her true identity. If you do not already know what your true identity is, you must discover it. If you don’t ever discover your true identity then you will live your life thinking that you are someone other than you. If you do not discover your true identity you might think you are a bad person or maybe you think too highly of yourself and you most likely feel that way because of the people around you but if you focus on yourself then you will eventually discover your true identity. Hercules is born a hero but people are trying to kill him as a baby but he slips away falling into the real world below olympus and is forced to live a life thinking he is some supernatural freak because that is what everyone else says. April is a girl in highschool with everyone around her acting like someone else than who they really are and so is she, but she is alone due to the color of her mask (which represents her personality) no one wants to hang out with her because she is the only one with that color mask and she is forced to discover her true identity and lead the others to find theirs as well. Hercules and April have…show more content…
In April’s discovery of her true identity she had no one to help her she was on her own, but Hercules had some kind friends and people help him along the way to finding his true identity. Everyone around April is pretending to be someone who they are not, but around Hercules not everyone is doing that. April is just a teenage girl in a school of judgemental people, but Hercules is a god but he does not know it in ancient Greece. The entire time before April discovers her true identity she sees herself as “not perfect” but Hercules thought highly of himself after he was considered an amazing hero by the citizens of Greece. It is easy to see her that Hercules and April have differences in their discovery of their true
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