Hercules Vs Disney Comparison

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The story of Hercules is told from many different views and even more so told from different origins. Here is a compare and contrast of the original tale of Hercules v.s. the Walt Disney Pixar version. Some of the main differences include the villain being two completely different people, Hercules being set with challenges, and two different endings of the story’s main conflict.

The original tale of Hercules, as well as the Walt Disney version, both contain an important base challenge. The challenge was to fight the nine headed Hydra. When one head was cut off, two more grew into its place. The difference between the two scenes is in the original version, hercules killed it, but it was in Leyana. In the Disney version, Hercules Kills it
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The sidekick was a Pegasus, or a horse with wings and the mind of a bird. This character played a very curtial role in the story and helped Hercules from the beginning of the story, all the way till’ the end. In the Original version, Pegasus was not even mentioned. From what the reader of the story can interpret, this character did not exist. Also, in the Original version of the story, Hercules was challenged with 12 tasks, known as the “Challenges of Hercules”. Hercules was sent to complete these tasks by the antagonist, Hera, or the Girl of Zeus, Hercules’ father. Hera was angry with Zeus for cheating on her, so she sent Hercules, his son, to go through challenges which she thought would most certainly kill him. In the Disney version, Hercules was met with the main antagonist, Hades, or the guardian of the underworld, who is suggested to be evil, almost taking the role of the Devil. He wanted to kill Hercules so he could get revenge on Zeus, for sending him into the underworld. He planned to do this by unleashing the TITANS, or these really big guys who hated Zeus because he locked them up into another world and kept them from destroying him. The only thing standing in his way was Hercules, so he sought to kill him. In the original version of the story, Hades was not Evil, and was only known as the Guardian of the underworld, and was not a main
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