Hercules Vs Hera

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Both the graphic novel and the film include examples of comparing, contrasting, and similarities; yet both versions are very different, but similar in some ways. The graphic novel for the story Hercules has a lot of action and differences from the film. For example, in the graphic novel Hera is Hercules’s enemy, in the film Hera is a sweet and kind mother. In the film, there was a guy named Phil who coached Hercules to be as strong as he is known as today. Yet, in the graphic novel there is no such thing as Phil, it never stated how he became so strong. Speaking of no Phil, there also wasn’t a Meg in the graphic Novel. The film had a young woman named Meg who Hercules fell in love with. In the novel, there was no sign of her. During the film, Hercules made a deal with Hades. Surprisingly, In the graphic novel there was no deal with Hades, in fact there wasn’t even a Hades ever mentioned or…show more content…
In the graphic novel for Hercules, Hercules killed his whole family because of issues and mental problems. However, in the film Hercules did not kill his family he was actually trying to get back to his family. In the film, Hercules lived in a place called Elis Valley. Therefore, the graphic novel has no mention of Elis Valley, or does not have any history about it. In some ways both the film and graphic novel are similar is because both stories had a Hercules. Also, they had a hydra that they had to face in both stories. Zeus was the father of Hercules in both stories, he also is another god. Both Hercules’s stories had fights and wars in it. They all consisted of many fights and battles against different gods and monsters. Therefore, both stories ended with a useful lesson learned. In conclusion, the Hercules graphic novel and film both have many
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