Here Carries Some Verses Upon The Burning Of Our House Analysis

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When problems come into your life, how do you go about solving them? How do you overcome these problems in times of hardship, heartbreak, and anguish? The poems “Here Follows Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our House,” by Anne Bradstreet, “World in Hounding Me,” by Sor Juana, and Narrative of the Captivity by Mary Rowlandson,” were all written by women who showed how they faced their problems with their braveness or help through God. These women showed us how they stayed strong and how they believed in God during times of hardship. As you read these poems you will be able to see how these three women endured hard times by keeping their faith in God and believing in him during their journey. The poem, “Here Follows Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our House,” by Anne Bradstreet, shows the reader the theme of perseverance by having faith in God. She adds plenty of allusions in this poem, most being towards God. Her theme of perseverance is demonstrated throughout most of the poem by having these allusions towards God. Anne…show more content…
I would say the theme of this poem is also perseverance, but not in the same sense as the first one. In the first poem Anne Bradstreet shows her perseverance by having many allusions towards God, but in this poem there aren’t any allusions towards God. Sor Juana uses rhetorical questions in the lines one and four to show the readers what she is going though and what her dilemma is. In the first line she says, “ World in hounding me, what do you gain?” She is asking the world what does it gain by hurting her and there isn’t necessarily an answer which is what rhetorical questions are. Also the poem is shown as a petrarchan sonnet. You can tell this by the abba abba rhyme scheme and in the first 8 lines it poses the question of why the world wants the speaker to focus on wealth and beauty, were the speaker would rather focus on their own
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