Here Come The Maples Analysis

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This story connects to the “Short & Happy life of Francis Macomber” because both wives are dissatisfied with their husband’s behaviors and cognitive abilities which results in their desire to slay them. Generally, despite any attempt their husband makes in order to mature or perfect life, the wives always seem to find some reason to not appreciate them. Furthermore, each wife had this feeling of indifference for life that always left them feeling undesired, trapped, and unfulfilled. For example, this indifference is shown by Margot Macomber when she kisses Mr. Wilson for being more masculine and brave than her husband. However, she begins to feel bad about her decisions once her husband begins to become brave when hunting the Buffalo. On a…show more content…
For example, in “Here come the Maples,” the couple is constantly on an unequal playing field because they sleep separately, they work in poor conditions, and they never share a happy moment together. Similarly, in “Jury of the peers,” Minnie lives with John for more than a decade and over that time she felt like a trapped bird, as the one in her house that was killed by her husband. Furthermore, these two stories lack a wife that feels fulfilled or happy because of a fulfilling relationship. For this reason, they are similar. In addition, both stories have a husband oblivious to reality because the wife was always brought to a particular level of unjustified, unachievable omnipotence which shrouded their thinking. For example, in “Here come the Maples,” the husband thought that they shared a happy experience in the meadow beyond their house, but they never had this experience. Thus, his imagination confused his emotions in present reality. Similarly, in the “Jury of the peers,” John thought that their life on the farm with Minnie as the wife in the kitchen singing would all be grand, but it turned out to be shamefully not so extravagant; also, killing his wife’s favorite activities and pet did not
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