Heritage In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

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heritage. Although most of their memories and a small chunk of their heritage got burned up in their house. Trapped in the house fired was Maggie who was severely burned. However, Maggie survived, which gave her the motive to live every day as if was your last. Although Maggie is very humble she does whisper out a few thing when it comes to her heritage. “Aunt Dee's first husband whittled the dash,” said Maggie so low you almost couldn't hear her. Which shows their family traditions where everything they have is made from the hands of family members and not bought. It was apart if their heritage because it took that person hard, earned energy to make whatever is made and since it was made especially for that person it holds a very big space in their hearts.…show more content…
Mama tells Dee, “You know you only wrote me two letters the whole time you were gone for those 5 years, what have you been doing that I couldn’t get more letter.”(Walker) Dee (Wangero) says, “I’ve been busy Mama.” This shows how Wangero can go that extend of time and only two letter to her mother. It was almost as if, the placed that she used to call home is now a fading facade of what it used to mean to her. Cowart states that “This character has her given name “Dee Johnson” to the superficially name of “Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo” – thereby creating difficulties for her the narrator (Mama).” This displays Wangero’s deracination from her heritage where she changes her name and forgets the apparel that they wear from her hometown and picks up a new fashion style. She also changes her religious belief from Christian to Muslim. I prove this because when Mama asked Wangero’s friend Hakim-a-barber “Do you want some pork baby?” and He replies “No, Ma’am pork is unclean.” Another occasion that can prove her deracination is when Mama was
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