Heritage Language Challenges

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The Challenges in Learning Heritage Language:

The Challenges in Heritage Language
Introduction and background of the study
In a simple definition, a heritage language basically refers to a minor language that has been learned is being used in communication. Basically, the language is most dominant in children. A lot of children of immigrants are born in families where non- dominant heritage language is used in communication. However, the children of the second generation acquisition of the heritage language are viewed to be a responsibility of the families (Wiley,2005). My research topic is going to dwell on challenges of the heritage language to the refugees. The purpose of this research is to enable
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Potgieter & Souchon (1986) argues that development of a heritage language enhances the maintenance of the ethnic identity. It is also reported that heritage language has contributed to maintaining healthy ethnic, cultural, cognitive and effective development of immigrant children (Lee & Shin, 2008). An example of a few places where immigrant children were helped was a community based -weekend heritage language school (Tse, 2001). The school contributed so much to the development of the children's heritage Language. The immigrant children in most cases get it too difficult to invest maximum time in studying heritage…show more content…
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