Heritage Literacy In Soccer

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All coaches are different and have different approaches on teaching their players how to play soccer. Heritage literacy is the concepts that get passed down generations, soccer works the same way. You learn to play soccer based on how your coach teaches you how to play soccer.
When I first started playing soccer, I was five years old and the main concept of the program was to keep kids active and have fun doing so. There was no real strategy other than get the ball in the goal. About five years later, a new concept of having a goalie was introduced and my coach gave each of us positions to play. So now we weren’t all just running around kicking a ball, we were assigned jobs: center back, midfield, outsides, or forward. My coach at the time,
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In my last two years of club soccer my team went through three different coaches, which is a very quick turnaround on coaches. Many of my teammates expressed their confusion to me but were too intimidated by the coaches to ask any questions themselves. As captain, I felt is was my job to ask questions for them and help clarify issues. I remained in contact with Coach Sean even though he was no longer my coach and thanked him for helping me with soccer and told him that he gave me the confidence to ask questions unlike my teammates who didn’t have him. He told me that, like me he was very reserved and his coach helped bring him out of his shell on the soccer field. Coach Sean passed his heritage literacy on the soccer field to me which I shared with the girls on my club team because as I asked more questions for them they became comfortable enough with the learning environment of the…show more content…
He changed our formation from a 4-4-2 which has four defenders, four midfielders, and two attackers, to a 4-2-3-1 which has four defenders, two defensive midfielders, three attacking midfielders, and one forward. This transition did not go over well, much like when we first learned the basic formation because it was a completely new learning experience. Coach Jon had previous experience coaching soccer and thought that formation would be best for our team based on our individual skills. He took on the responsibility of setting our team up for success but it was our responsibility to figure out how we individually benefited the team best. According to Murray’s responsibilities for the student “The student may be shown how to perceive, but he has to do his own perceiving.” Instead of perceiving literature we had to perceive the game. When playing soccer, there are cases when you should pass the ball and cases when you should just dribble and make a defender come to you. Coach Jon taught us that if a defender is close to a player you should keep dribbling and draw their defender to you so that your player is now open but if that defender is further from your player you should pass them the ball so they can turn and take the defender on one versus one. He took the concepts of his previous soccer experiences and taught us what to look for, but still gave us the
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