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Heritage meets people, here in Assam One of the vibrant states from the NorthEast, Assam is spread across 2.39% of the Indian landmass. Assam shares its boundaries with Bangladesh, West Bengal and Bhutan. The state overlooks the Barail hill range between the two valleys of Brahmaputra and Barak. Its wide range of species in flora and fauna, immaculate tea and terraced gardens make her a nature’s delight. Assam also called the Ahom is the biggest and the most accessible amongst its six sisters (Northeast states Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur ans Assam are called the seven sisters). Assam offers spectacular views, hospitable locals, delectable - aromatic cuisines, artistic heritage and the religious shrines.…show more content…
Assam is home to the country’s best variants in teas exported all across the globe. Assam is known for the Kaziranga National Park that conserves the endangered Indian one- horned rhinoceros and the Muga, golden silk which is the only produced in the state. Assam also has rich deposits of petroleum, minerals, coal, limestone, iron and natural gas. Assam was ruled by two dynasties, the Tibeto- Burmese’s Koch and the Tai dynasty’s Ahom. Interestingly, when the Indian subcontinent was dominated by several Western powers in the medieval times, Assam was never ruled by until the British entered. The Mughals too attempted invasion into the state 17 times, but were unsuccessful. The Brahmaputra river is the state’s lifeline and enters from Arunachal Pradesh and forms many tributaries. Assam has five national parks and 20 wildlife sanctuaries including the World Heritage Sites of Kaziranga and Manas. When in Assam don’t miss the one- horned rhinoceros. The state has a 35% forest cover. The tea plantations also add to this percentage. Assam tea or the Camellia Assamica is famous all over the world. The state also cultivates sweet potatoes, turmeric, potatoes, spices, rice, jute, mustard, sugarcane and a rich variety of fruits and

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