Feminism In Herland

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s novel, Herland, is regarded by many as the pioneering feminist utopian novel. Authored in 1915, Herland is intended as a social critique. A sociological theorist, Gilman sees herself as a change agent for a better social life for women especially, as well as society in general. Like other intellectuals at the turn of the 20th century, Gilman struggled to theorise her social vision. By self-consciously distancing herself from the intellectuals of her time, she crafted her works as endeavours at transforming society. With the utopian novel as her genre of choice, Gilman provides readers with a deeper sense of understanding of the ills of a society that subscribes to and is fixated with masculinity. Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1869-1935)was one of the leading intellectuals of the American women’s movement in the first two decades of twentieth century. Being a suffragette, Gilman confronted an even larger problem – economic and social discrimination against women. Her 1898 book, Women and Economics, was…show more content…
 What is the concept of Eugenics? Some important contributions in this field of research are Herland Forest, Feminism in Herland: A utopian Vision of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Research on Herland(novel by Charlotte Perkins Gilman) title: I want your Sex. Explorations in to Feminist Utopias: A Critical Study of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland. Herland tells the story of three male travellers, Vandyck Jennings - a sociologist and also the narrator, Jeff Margrave - a doctor, and Terry O. Nicholson – a lady’s man, a man of leisure and explorer. Together they discover Herland, a society of women who have developed their own industry, education and law. The women have also reappropriated religion, motherhood and childrearing – all without the presence of any man – to suit their existence. This forces the three men to re-examine their view of society, the role of men and women and the idea of
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