Herman Breaking Down The Door Analysis

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herman Alexie began to break down the walls of Native American Reservation life ever since he picked up his first book; or in his case a Superman comic when he was only three years old. Alexie had not yet learned to read, but assumed that the comic read, “ Superman is breaking down the door,” and that Superman says, “I am breaking down the door.”. Growing up on a Spokane Reservation, his creativity; like the brown door in the comic, is blocked. His fellow classmates and his white teachers continuously told him that because of his heritage, because he was “Indian”, he was not supposed to be smart. He was ridiculed by the people around him for answering questions in class and reading books. Others tried to force him to hide his intelligence but he refused to let others cage him in and block the tall brown door. Alexie uses the paragraph to analyze his life and the things around him and uses his readings to pull himself through the life of an Indian boy. Alexie explains, that in the Superman comic, Superman says he is going to break the door before…show more content…
Although they lived off of government funding and food stamps, his dad continuously collected an abundance of books. He chose to go to Catholic school willingly to receive a stronger education and with the little money they did have, he bought large collections of second hand books. Alexie writes, “My father loved books, and since I loved my father with an aching devotion, I decided to love books as well.” When he began reading, he began to pull the texts apart into pieces and paragraphs. In Superman and Me, he writes that his reservation is a paragraph, and the reservation to the north is a paragraph. Each member in his family is a paragraph. He uses different examples from his life to connect with his readers by using the example of a comic book. His reference brings emotion into the story and brings out the youth in a
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