Herman Melville's Background In Moby Dick

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Herman Melville’s background had a great impact in writing Moby Dick, specifically using events that happened in that period of time. Melville was born in New York City in 1819. Initially, his family was wealthy for some time until one year after Melville was born, they had to move to Albany trying to regain their fortune. Consequently, of so much work, his father, Allan Melville dies. When this occurs Melville needed to do a lot of changes in his life. At a young age of thirteen he had to work at a bank to help his family. Then, he left the school at eighteen and became an elementary teacher for a short time. Also, he became a newspaper reporter before trying his luck sailing as a merchant to Liverpool, England. In the summer of 1839 he came back to America continuing his struggle for wealth. Thus, failing again and desperate, he boards a whaling ship, the Acushnet, with no destination. The Acushnet sailed to South America, Pacific Ocean and South Seas. During his voyage, he left the Acushnet with a friend at Marquesas Islands. As a consequence of having a bad leg, he was left behind alone and lived a month with the natives. While aboard on the ship, Melville had many experiences that helped to write his novels. Simultaneously, he also read many books while at sea that later he refers to in his writings. For example, Melville’s adventures with the natives of Marquesas Islands were the topic of his first novel, Typee written in 1846. Resulting of interest by
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