Hermes Life And Accomplishments

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Hermes the most mischievous and clever god of all. Famous because he invented the lyre and messenger for the gods. The god of trading, wealth, luck, fertility, thieves, and athletes. Greeks worshipped Hermes because they regarded his as their patron. Important because he was A Greek god that had a cunning personality who was son of Zeus and Maia. Hermes was born in Arcadia inside of a cave which was mountain Cyllene. In his childhood, he stole cattle from Apollo to use to create his lyre Hermes was a troublesome kid growing up. His father was Zeus and mother was Maia and uncle was Poseidon also had a step brother named Apollo. Hermes had a son Pan who was half man and half goat. After Hermes was born he wondered off out of his cave where he was born, he encountered a turtle which he used the turtles shell to create his lyre. He had also stolen his half-brother Apollo’s cattle and had the cattle walked backwards so Apollo wouldn’t be able to find out who stole…show more content…
Apollo used the cattle’s guts as strings and used reeds, and ox’s hide. He sacrifices the cattle’s before he gets the parts he needs. After he gets all of the stuff he needed to create the lyre Zeus and Apollo were amazed by the thing he had built. Important because it explains how Hermes made the lyre. Argus a monster in Greek this monster was a giant that was a hundred-eyed. Argus served as Heras servant and listened to all his commands. Hera had commanded the monster to guard lo. Zeus had known the nymph lo and knew lo was being guarded. Zeus ordered Hermes to go and kill the hundred-eyed monster named Argus and save lo. He had been also known for killing the hundred eyed giants. To know how they lived, what they did, how they survived, and the things that happened. It was interesting learning how Hermes had created the lyre. Also, learning about where he had been
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