Hermes The Messenger God Essay

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Hermes the Messenger God Hermes The second youngest of all the gods and the son of Zeus and Maia. Hermes was known as the god of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, border crossing, the messenger of the gods and the guide to the underworld. Hermes was the link between the mortal world and the Olympians as was his duty as the messenger of the gods.
Hermes was known for having many tasks in Olympus and even more in the mortal world. Hermes would deliver messages to the gods from mortals and to mortals from the gods; He would guide the deceased to the boatman (Charon) to be taken to the underworld. Hermes was one of the few gods that was more deeply involved with the humans has he protected travelers and thieves on the roads. Hermes was quite an important god being the messenger of the gods as well as the personal herald to his father Zeus. Unlike some other gods Hermes had a softer heart for mortals and occasionally tricked the other gods to protect the mortals from their wraith. Hermes was the occasional trickster who would trick other gods for his own amusement, such as when Hermes was an infant, he jumped out of his crib and stole his half-brother Apollo’s cattle and after he went back into his crib to look innocent. Apollo of course
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Hermes sacred plants were Crocus, and the strawberry-tree. Hermes sacred animals are the Hawk, Hare, and Ram. Hermes had multiple attributes as well, His heralds wand, heralds wand head, His short sword, His herma (Small stone road marker), his winged boots and winged hat, and his travelers hat. Many myths revolve around Hermes, such as in the Greek demigod Perseus’s quest to slay Medusa, Hermes and his sister Athena helped guide Perseus through certain areas. Hermes also saved Odysseus King of Ithaca with a magical herb that would protect the king from the magic of the witch
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