Who Is The Protagonist In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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1.My initial impression is that Theseus and Hippolyta will get married in four days, but Theseus is impatient with how slowly the time is moving .Hyppolyta thinks that the wedding time will arrive soon because they only have to wait for days more.
2.The main genre of this selection is comedy but could also be fantasy.
3.The exposition of the story occurs when Theseus and Hippolyta began to prepare their wedding. Characters like Lysander and Hermia are also in love, but another male character named Demetrius loves Hermia. Rising action occurs when Lysander and Hermia wanted to be married, but Hermia 's father forced her to marry Demetrius. Lysander and Hermia decided to escape together.Helena heard that they were escaping and decided to talk
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The play 's main conflict its based on their efforts to marry for love, and none of the three want to get something else. Hermia and Lysander can be considered fairly heroic, because they don 't accept he oppressive fate Egeus and Theseus want to impose on them,. Hermia and Lysander risk their future to keep together thats why the should be described as a brave and determined couple.The three protagonist are also persistant because they wanted to be in love and nothing changed their determination during the play.
6.The first setting of the story occurs in Athens where Hyppolyta and Theseus will get married .The author wants to emphazise this setting to show that they were a wealthy couple preparing their wedding, When Hermia and Lysander escaped the setting drastically change because they run into the woods . This setting reflect how they risk everything they have to be together.After the encounter with Oberon and Puck the three couples returned to the castle and get married.
7.The author at the beginnig of the play described Athens as a place of love and wealthy because Hyppolyta and Theseus were preparing their wedding. Athens was a place of joy at that time but also a place for law and
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