Hermia Argumentative Essay

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3. What is the exposition of the story? What is the rising action or actions in this story? What is the climax of this selection? What is the falling action in the story? What is the denouement in the story?

The exposition of the story is when Hermia was set to be married to Demetrius , but she refused. She was in love with another man, and was set to death when she refused to marry Demetrius. The rising action is Hermia and her lover run away to be married. Hermia’s best friend follows her along with Demetrius, but they stay hidden. The climax is when Puck puts the potion into both Demetrius and Hermia lovers eyes. They both fall in love with Helena, and so they go on to fight each other. Puck is ordered to led them into different directions in the night so they don't fight. The falling action is when all 4 of them fall asleep, Puck puts the potion into Hermia’s lovers eyes so
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Who is the protagonist? Antagonist?

Puck would be considered the most likely to be the protagonist. He put the potions accidentally into the eyes of Hermia’s lover. There is no antagonist because everything that happened was because of mistakes made.

5. What are the most important traits of the main character? Your response must be at least 3-5 sentences in length.

I believe the main character is Puck. He is very mischievous and likes to cause trouble. He also doesn't like to fix things after they are done. Like he wanted to see the two men fight instead of remove the charm.

6. What is the setting of the work? Is there more than one? Your response should be a minimum of 5-7 sentences.

The setting I believe is mainly in the woods. It is where the lovers were going to run away to get married. It is also where Puck accidently put the potion on Hermia’s lover instead of Demetrius’s. The two men were going to have a battle for Helena’s love here. Finally it is where the father of Hermia finally let Hermia marry the one she truly loves and wants to be
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