Hermia Character Analysis

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Hermia rashly enters act one in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by defying Theseus’ advice to submit to her father’s wishes. At first glance, she appears irritating and imprudent because she challenges those who have authority over her and does not recognize the consequences of her actions. Hermia especially appears selfish because she functions without regarding how other people may feel when she bluntly states her desires. When observing Hermia at a surface level, it appears that she does not exhibit many pleasing characteristics. Yet when analyzing her actions deeper, one discovers that Hermia is a strong character who displays honorable and respectable traits. For example, Hermia defends her thoughts about her love to Lysander by confronting those who have greater power than she does. Furthermore, after determining that she would rather remain unmarried than be with someone who she does not truly love, Hermia boldly decides to run away with Lysander. Even when Robin casts a spell on Lysander that confuses him about who he loves, Hermia works to convince him of the love they share and fearlessly confronts her childhood friend Helena about the situation. Hermia’s willingness to fully realize her ultimate desire requires fortitude, strength, and an ability to decipher when actions are not suitable to character. Definitively, she maintains these resilient character traits by recognizing her longing for love, establishing an ability to prove to the people closest to her that her
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