Hermia's Dream

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The exposition of the story is an old man named Egeus, who approaches Theseus about putting his daughter to death because of her refusal to marry the man of his choice. His daughter, Hermia, is given four days to comply and marry Demetrius, the man that her father has chosen or she will be killed. The rising action of this story is when Lysander, Hermia’s love, proposes the idea of leaving Athens and marrying at his aunt’s house. They planned to meet in the woods that night. Hermia disclosed this plan to her friend Helena, who told Demetrius (the man Hermia’s father had chosen for her to marry). During this time, the king and queen of the fairies were having a disagreement where the lovers were supposed to meet. The disagreement was that the …show more content…

The flower is put on someone’s eyes and makes them fall in love with the first thing they see. The king also wants to help Helena achieve her love Demetrius, who was in the woods to pursue Hermia, instructing Pan to put the flower on Demetrius as well. The climax of the story is when the king drips some love juice onto the queen while she is sleeping and when she awakens, she sees and falls in love with a clown with a donkey’s face. With Hermia and Lysander, they both rest in the woods with Demetrius and Helena close by. Pan accidentally puts the love juice on both Lysander and Demetrius instead of just Demetrius. This causes Demetrius and Lysander to see and fall in love with Helena. Hermia is obviously angry at Helena for stealing her love and the two girls begin to fight, and Demetrius and Lysander begin to fight over Helena. The falling action of the work is when the two couples fall asleep, Pan returns to fix his mistake by dropping another flower’s juice onto Lysander’s eyes, bringing his love for Hermia back. Love juice from a different flower was also given to the queen, bringing her out of love that she had previously with the clown with the donkey’s

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