Hermione Granger Character Analysis

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Throughout the Harry Potter series, it can be seen that the most significant female character is Hermione Granger. The portrayal of Hermione shows Rowling believes about how women should behave as she is seen as the epitome of girl power (Pham, 2014). Her cleverness are shown throughout the series where she is seen to read and study a lot. Besides being smart, Hermione is known to be brave as she follows Harry’s battle to fight Voldemort by defeating the rivals. Other than that, she is known for being a loyal friend and independent, specifically from boys. She never gets a boy in her way as she prioritize her friends and school first (Pham, 2014). We think that both characters are contrast with one another. Hermione is known for being independent from boys, whereas Cho is seen to be dependent from boys. The series also emphasizes on Hermione’s bravery, while Cho is seen emotional most of the time. In this context, Hermione is considered to be the ideal kind of woman as Cho is shown to represents the conventional view of women. Although being in contrast for the most parts, Hermione and Cho share the same traits which is they’re both…show more content…
By giving Luna the credit over Cho, it is shown that there are white gaze among Harry Potter world. Cho Chang was definitely not a fan favourite. On the other hand Luna is this quirky girl that’s always there to help Harry, and she’s one of the most loved character in Harry Potter. By Rowling’s Decision to push away Cho Chang, she makes Cho look useless and making many more people dislike her. By comparing her and Luna we can see that when she is compared to Luna, she is much more worthless to Harry than her. While a lot of reader and viewer liked Luna because of her personality, Cho Chang is often hated because of her personality. We think that as an minority Cho Chang importance are reduced and Cho Chang’s contribution in aiding Harry is overshadowed by all the other major white
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