Hern: A Short Story

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The sun is currently rising; flashing rays of light ever so brightly onto the buildings, on a certain boy’s darkly toned complexion, and his black messy hair through the broken window in the brick wall. Even though the sun has risen for a few minutes now, he stubbornly refuses to wake up from his slumber, until he felt bone breaking kicks to his sides. He opens his eyes just enough to see that it is his owner. “It’s about time, Hern. Do you not remember that all slaves should’ve awakened by sunrise?” Hern’s owner questions with disappointment and displeasure mixed into his tone of voice as he bends down and grabs Hern’s horribly torn shirt. However, Hern knows that answering the question will result in a harsh beating, yet not responding…show more content…
He does a quick scan around the room, making sure that no one else was around to hear the question before walking up to the female. “Oh gosh, what have gotten to you Chrissie?” Hern asks with obvious panic in his voice as he grabs Chrissie by her shoulder to maintain their eye contract. However, Chrissie looks away and takes a deep breath before return to their conversation.
“I know that this is a bad thought to have in mind, but I can’t stand the way he treats us anymore! I hate this place, I want to leave, and I want a better life style, just like every other wealthy people out there! So let’s run away together!” Chrissie blurts with tears of frustration streaming down her boney cheeks, and as if her tears could communicate, Hern surprisingly understood her statement clearly.
Hern exhales through his mouth and closes his eyes, once he opens them he asks Chrissie, “why me?”
“I can feel the want of power in you,” she said simplistically as she wipes her tears, while her speech left Hern in utter confusion and unsureness.
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This gives Hern the chance to speak to Chrissie, whom was asleep like the others.
“Chrissie, wake up.” Hern whispers, while shaking Chrissie softly in hopes of not waking the others.
“Let’s flee this place.” He states, his eyes gesturing to the broken window in the wall once Chrissie’s eyes have opened.
“No, i had been threatened with beatings!” Chrissie whispers with her eyes widen, fearing the pain that might be given by their owner.
“We can both leave this place together and avoid all this horrible treatment or we continue to suffer,” Hern starts, “but I have made up my mind, and I’m leaving.”
Months have passed by, Hern and Chrissie managed to escape without being recaptured. This was due to the fact that they have changed their appearances and their names, and Hern, who was now known as John, has managed to find himself a proper job.
Surprising during one night, Chrissie, who was now known as Jenifer, confesses her love for John, who accepted and soon after, they decide to get married.
John may not have the wealth, he was not educated, but he has the power to keep his family living by working hard, fair and square. He now has the power to change their future children a better
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