Hernan Cortes Hero

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Individuals tend to think of a “hero” as a kind person, someone who saves the entire population from a dreadful misery. Hernan Cortes, a Spanish soldier and conquistador, is a hero (in the minds of some) for acting courageously and enhancing Spain’s economy with the gold taken from the Aztecs. But as glorious as he may seem, he also killed many Mexican Natives and Aztecs and caused many unnecessary battles and disruptions for them. Aside from disease, Cortes also majorly disrupted the Aztec culture and religion by converting many to Catholicism. Depending on what facts were taken into consideration throughout his life, he could be seen as a hero, or a villain. Most historians today agree that he was a villain. Although Cortes was respected…show more content…
Using war equipment that the Aztec had never seen before and different battle techniques, Cortes and his men were able to quickly and effectively conquer Tenochtitlan. During battle against the Aztecs, animals from Spain that served in many battles called horses (about twelve), as well as swords and crossbows (a much more advanced version of the Aztec war club and spear-thrower) were labelled as advanced technology as they were quicker, deadlier, and consequently more efficient. These many advantages against the Aztecs and their traditional weapons; and therefore the Spaniards won many battles alongside their allies, and succeeded greatly by using guns that were far more powerful than the Aztecs' weapons. Unfair as it is, this gave the Spanish explorer a supremacy in conquering one of the most elaborate European cities at the time. “The Aztecs were unable to rebel against the Spaniards because most of them were sick or dead from smallpox. The Spanish were able to colonize Mexico without much resistance.” After the smallpox epidemic, the Aztecs were even more vulnerable. The Spanish exploration and conquering of Tenochtitlan was to gain power for the Spanish empire, but the city’s people were somewhat considered rebellious, and consequently, Cortes needed to conquer/kill the people first. By taking down the people of the city, Cortes was exposed to the city’s great treasures for his reward of gold; he retrieved all the gold he could, and travelled back to Spain where he was labelled a hero for his acts of
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