Hernan Cortez Monologue

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Today, I leave for the new world. My men have brought me news of a vast city made of gold and full of riches. With conquistadors and a few Jesuit priests to convert any new people that we may find the church, I am nervous. I must gather my men and, Pedro, angry with me. The governor has told me to not go, but I need this. I want the riches, the fame, and the power. I am leaving today. The air is cooler out on the open sea; the spray, as I am standing out on the bow, is cool against my face. I ended up leaving with 500 conquistadors and a half dozen Jesuits, along with eleven ships. My men and I are nervous, but if the stories of this great land are true, why not me? I can, no, will find the Cortez full of riches. My men are unsettled - I…show more content…
The land was so very close maybe only a quarter hour away! We had done it! We had escaped the governor and sailed to the new world! I will prove him wrong about not wanting me to sail. Aye, this will be a day to remember! “The day the great Hernan Cortez sailed to the new world!” Aye, they will call me the Great Cortez! “Sir I don't like this, these jungles make me and the others nervous”. said, my first mate. “Don’t worry! It will all be okay.” I replied. The crew was nervousSpanishand I was worried they may take the ships and leave, I knew what I was going to do. I knew what I had to do! I will burn the the ships so no one could leave and thereby avoiding a mutiny. I laid awake in my bed thinking about what will happen in the coming weeks, maybe even months, or years. Have I bitten off more than I am able to chew? No - I must push that out of my mind. Soon I will complete my plan. After everyone was asleep I crept from my bed to go to the ships and burn them. My men had been questioning my about why I ordered all the materials off of them. They reluctantly did as they ,. The fire blazed! Brilliant colour of red and orange filled the night. The men were coming out of the tents and just looked on, completely and utterly puzzled. They could not organize a mutiny now, could
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