Short Story Of Hernando Cortes

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“We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure….” The life of a ruthless conqueror of México that we seem to forget about, Hernando Cortés. One of his quotes wasIn this essay I will be bringing back the story of Hernando Cortés and the conquest that he was able to perform in his lifetime. Hernando Cortés was born in 1485 in a town in Medellin, Spain. He belonged to a noble family with a certain leftover fortune. Being destined for the law, he was sent to the university of Salamanca at the age of fourteen. He hates studying and in 1501 he returned home to pursue a life filled with adventure. When he arrived home it was arranged for him to go on a adventure with Ovando, who was appointed commander of the San Domingo. Unfortunately this expedition was prevented because he went to pursue a lovely lady. After that he sought to seek a military career under the great Gonsalvo de Córdoba, but a serious illness prevented him from his trip. At last in 1504 he sent out on his expedition according to his first plan of going to San Domingo. When he arrived at San Domingo he was received gratefully by Ovando. An opportunity was soon afforded to him showing his powers as a…show more content…
This being he paved the way for the Mexican revolution, this being that he took over Mexico from the Mexicans and that for Spain. Without him the Mexican revolution would have never happened because the Mexicans would have never have to get away from the Spanish rule. To say the least Hernando Cortés was an amazing man that contributed to the world today despite his ruthless way of doing it he. I believe that that trade can be a positive thing and a bad thing at the same time. For this to be a positive thing it lead to the México that we know today. The bad part of this is the Mexicans were oppressed for a long time before they could rise up and escape the rule of
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