Hernando Cortes Conquest Of The Americas Analysis

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Prevailing histories have always leaned towards the recorded narratives of Victors. Thus, failing to recapture the viewpoints of the Vanquished regarding the same events. As this suggests, the majority of histories can be considered as incomplete, given they portray unilateral views from often only the winning side, and accordingly are open to question. With this in mind, nearly five hundred years ago the Spanish Conquistadors began their conquest of the Americas. As history recounts, Hernando Cortes was by far the most successful Conquistador in his pursuit to seize land, acquire precious resources, and capture native peoples. Cortes’ expedition into unknown territories in search of wealth and glory is capped by his procurement of the capital of the Mexica Empire, Tenochtitlan, and the establishment of New Spain.…show more content…
The conquest of the Mexica under Cortes from 1519-1521 is one of the greatest historical events of all time, given that Cortes manages in three years to lead an army of just over five hundred Spaniards into unknown lands, take on thousands of indigenous advisories, and conquer the most powerful empire in the Americas. To comprehensively understand how Cortes accomplished this feat, it is necessary to explore the historical accounts of both the Nahua and Spanish on the fall of the Mexica. Exploring the history of the Conquest of Mexico through interpretations from both the victors and the vanquished reveals perspective insights into areas such as the true motives of the Spanish and how they are received by the indigenous population and Mexcia, and how the religious practices of the Mexica are intrinsic to the success of Cortes’
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