Hernando De Soto Achievements

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Hernando De Soto Born:october 27,c,1495 Born in:Jerez de los Caballeros Died in:may 21,1542 Early life His parents were both hidalgos.The region was poor and many battled to stay alive, unwavering loyalty, and cruelness schemes for the extortion of native villages for their captured chiefs became de Soto 's hallmarks during the conquest of Central America. He gained fame as an excellent horseman, fighter, and tactician. During that time, de Soto was impacted by the achievements of Juan Ponce de León, the first European to reach Florida; Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the first European to reach the Pacific Ocean coast of the Americas and Ferdinand Magellan, who first sailed that ocean to East Asia. Conquest of peru In 1530, de Soto became a regidor of León, Nicaragua.he led people up…show more content…
they took more than 500 livestock, including 237 horses and 200 pigs, for their planned four-year continental expedition.After a little while he re right his will.On may 10,1539,he wrought. "That a chapel be erected within the Church of San Miguel in Jerez de Los Caballeros, Spain, where De Soto grew up, at a cost of 2,000 ducat .black broadcloth topped by a red cross of the Order of the Knights of Santiago, and on special occasions a pall of black velvet with the De Soto coat of arms be placed on the altar; that a chaplain be hired at the salary of 12,000 marav edis to perform five masses every week for the souls of De Soto, his parents and wife; that thirty masses be said for him the day his body was put away, and twenty for our Lady of the Conception, ten for the Holy Ghost, sixty for souls in purgatory and masses for many others as well; that 150000 maravedis be given annually to his wife Isabel for her needs and an equal amount . Death According to one source, de Soto 's men hid his corpse in blankets weighted with sand and sank it in the middle of the Mississippi River during the
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