Hernando's Washington Argumentative Essay

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The article of Lisa J. McIntyre is about Hernando’s Washington case. Hernando Washington was arrested and charged with robbery, rape, and murder. The main argument of this article is figuring out should we blame Hernando for robbing, kidnapping, raping and murdering another human being? In other words, convincing ourselves about social imagination. From my understanding of social imagination, is what allows us to make connections between individuals and the societies in where we live in, furthermore, that there is an explanation and reasoning for people's actions. Hernando lived in South Side Chicago a place where constant illegal crimes happened, a place that was overlooked by law enforcement. Some people may say he did what he did because of the environment he lived in. Others would say he thought it was ok because he had gotten away with it before because his parents had bailed him out and had a private lawyer.
The theoretical concepts that are being used is culture aspect. From my point of view, is that Hernando’s culture is what made him commit the crime. In the article on page 25, it stated, “When his sister was raped, the police would not help her; they would not even give her a ride home. Also, when his brother was murdered, no one moved to identify the killer, much less to arrest him.” In other words, the police did not put much attention to the crimes that had happened to his own family. Both situations, the police had the opportunity to be involved and help but instead, they
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In his neighborhood there were crimes. His background about his family also urged him to commit crimes. The values, norms and his characters are all connected to his culture. In the end, yes, we should blame him for his crimes because it is unfair. The law is the law and everyone should face a consequence just because Hernando couldn’t understand the government norms does not mean he’s

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