Hero Analysis Beowulf

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Heroes! People have always loved them. From ancient times people have told stories about heroes, sung songs about them, now they watch films and play video games with heroes taking parts in, and that is so exciting for everyone. Boys pretend to be a man who saves the world and girls wait for a man who saves them from a dragon and they will love each other forever. But what attracts people so much and takes their breath away? I would like start my hero analysis with the most ancient and famous hero Beowulf. He is the main character of the ancient folk poem which is named after him. This poem is a great pride of all Englishmen as it is the first important work in English literature. This poem tells about a warrior named Beowulf who helps Hrothgar,…show more content…
With the technical development the changes of scenery came. Beowulf fought with monsters in their lairs in the wood or moor, today’s hero lives in a big cosmopolitan city, where the monsters are among us. The most important thing that changed is the image of the evil. Ancient people believed that the evil was a dragon or monster that attacked, killed and ate people, now we do not believe in monsters. There are no dragons and we know that the evil is inside people. Modern heroes defend people from other people, cruel and brutal ones. But in any times people have known that the evil exists and we all need a hero to protect us. The poem “Beowulf” is truly considered a corner stone of the English literature and I can daringly say that it is a corner stone of the world literature too. The image of Beowulf became a prototype for the further adventurous plots of novels, stories, dramas and scenarios. We have these fantastic fantasy movies now because of such poems as Beowulf. The poem itself has so many interpretations. So we can clearly see that the significance of the “Beowulf” is very valuable. Beowulf is a classic character. It is classical because it is universal, universal for different nations, different times, and different countries. There are some merits that people of all times will always appreciate and respects, and there are virtues that people will always praises. They are classic for everyone. Beowulf has all those virtues, because he is a true hero for
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