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Hero to me is someone who goes out his way protecting the people, out of will. Hero who is idealized by the people. Put himself in danger to save others, doesn't just do it for the fame or glory. Hero is brave and will stop evil at any cost, just for the sake of the people. Hero can be anyone, just have a good heart and courage to save or help the people around you. The task doesn’t have to be extraordinary but it can just be small simple act of nobility of character. Beowulf fit the standards as a classic hero, one who is near perfect, preforms extraordinary task, also his honor is worth more than his life, and dies in an unusual meaningful manner. There characteristics usually conclude being prideful, courageous and having sense of justice. Beowulf shows all of these…show more content…
Beowulf was greeted as hero from Wealhtheow, Hrothgar's queen as she referred to him as “a hero had come, who she could count on to stop Grendel's crimes” (Episode 3, Beowulf comes to Herot) as a gift from the Gods. This showed that people idealized Beowulf even the queen who is in high power and authority, thought of him a hero. Another example of how Beowulf is a hero is the way he honors the people of Herot by promising them victory and justice "I resolved when I set to sea in my boat with my warriors that I, alone, will fulfill the wish of your people. . .or die in the foe's grasp, I shall perform the deeds of a hero or I have passed my last day in this mead hall" (Episode 3, Beowulf comes to Herot). He raised the moral of the people that night, before going into battle to claim victory and to honor his promise. One of the biggest hero qualities Beowulf was his courage. Having the strength of 30 men, he battled against all types of foes and claimed victory. When he told the people that he will battle

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