Hero In Ramayana And Mahabharana

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The concept of hero and villain has existed for as long as the histories of humanity could remember. However, for the past years film has become one of the dominant media of our culture and history to foretell the epic about heroes and their saga. Many film made their appearance by daringly imposing the famous heroic epic which eventually made into many versions due to how popular the epic, by reflecting on that then it is logical to see many Ramayana and Mahabharata versions streaming through the televisions or the cinemas. Through the time we may find that the hero we know has become more “human” and more fallible over time, those heroes are constantly changing entity; the same concept of heroicness traits but with different settings and…show more content…
Gladly the core and archetypal level the hero remains the same. However, the hero nowadays has become more flawed over time descending from invincible demigod or powerful warrior to a fallible human, or a coward or even crippled sickly beings. This change is due to the merger between the hero and non-hero characters, and the incorporation of their traits into one another which lead the hero character to be more human, to be flawed and to be more believable. From the researcher’s point of view, the characteristics of Hero can be observed well through doing close watch strategy. Thus, it is possible to analyze and to compare the characteristics of the Hero and the Villain, to be able to see the things they may share but actually different and to be more aware that the two of them just sides of the same…show more content…
‘Hero’ can be defined in so many ways. However, the very word ‘hero’ itself is not only used to signify someone with courageous and vigor, nor somebody who possess super power and unusual costume, but can also seen as a signifier of someone pass-by around us or even people who we talk to during the lunch today. On his journal entitled “The Hero’s Journey” Campbell (2013) states that “a hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”. This very definition shall lead us into chains of question, in which the answer of each question will represent the picture of magnificent figures. Like Mahatma Gandhi who led India to the democracy they deserved. Of course, we also will find Ir. Sukarno; the man greatly contributed to the founding of Indonesia and later become its first president. In the next corner, we shall see the struggle they had gone through. R.A Kartini for example, who inspire Indonesian women to aspire and to strive more for what they truly desired; gender equality and recognition of their rights. If what we all think, are the same, then it can be assumed that we can conclude that a hero is not only someone that has done something big; hero is someone who conducts the right things when people tend to conduct the less “right” things. The names mentioned earlier were just fragments of long list of names that shall be remembered throughout the history. Hence, this paper shall discover about someone who possesses the

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