Heroic Epic Theory

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The concept of hero and villain has existed for as long as the histories of humanity could remember. However, for the past years film has become one of the dominant media of our culture and history to foretell the epic about heroes and their saga. Many film made their appearance by daringly imposing the famous heroic epic which eventually made into many versions due to how popular the epic, by reflecting on that then it is logical to see many Ramayana and Mahabharata versions streaming through the televisions or the cinemas. Through the time we may find that the hero we know has become more “human” and more fallible over time, those heroes are constantly changing entity; the same concept of heroicness traits but with different settings and…show more content…
Campbell theory greatly contributes in how the author of “Star Wars” series build the epic saga, of course the theory chosen because of its capability to define the unusual path which define the journey of certain hero who was lacking in certain point or even was a villainous character but then develops into ideal hero (from lacking to something). But this theory chosen because it not only define the heroic paths but also explain of how the hero may goes astray and turned into villainous character or vice versa.

b. Saussure’s Semiology Theory
The second theory that will be used is the theory of Saussure about “semiology” or the concept of how something can signify something which is also a signifier of something else. This theory is widely used by most scholar under the focus of “Semiotics”. This theory will greatly help to explain the content of the movie since there are some scenes and concepts/ideas in this movie that represent another idea or partly signify other ideas. The use of Saussure’s theory will make the process of discussion easier and surely beneficial to the scholars who interested in doing similar
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