Hero In The Hunger Games

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As stated by Katniss Everdeen herself, “At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.” Both Beowulf and Katniss had to put aside their pride, remain selfless and have the courage and bravery to save their people on multiple occasions. These two heroes endured many hardships, challenges and rough patches, but they came out victorious in the end. As well as the epic of Beowulf, The Hunger Games is an excellent example of the twelve- Step Vogler model of the Monomyth. Many stages of the hero’s twelve-step journey is uncovered explicitly in the movie The Hunger Games. Hence, Vogler’s model of the Monomyth is still in use and effective in literature, film,…show more content…
Archetypes describe the role of a character’s presence in a storyline. For example, in the The Hunger Games, there is a hero. The hero is Katniss Everdeen, whom attempts to save her district from total destruction. Each year, there is an annual game, in which two individuals, one of each sex, are chosen to represent one of the twelve districts in a gruesome and fatal survival-of-the-fittest battle. The individual chosen must embody compassion, courage, strength, selflessness and determination, all of the things in which Katniss possess. Katniss’ little sister Brim, was officially chosen, but Katniss volunteered as tribute to protect her sister from such a fight that no child her age should have imagined doing. Some may say Katniss’ intentions were glory and fame, but I believe her intentions were purely the intention of a true hero. Likewise, in the epic Beowulf, Beowulf is the hero and saves his people from outsiders seeking to devour the people of Geatland. Although he posed as conceited, he very well defeated his enemies and gave peace to the…show more content…
Katniss and Peta’s Threshold Guardian is the arena. The arena itself, poses fatality to each and every one of the tributes. Every hour, there is a different wave of difficulty, which becomes tragic, frightening and even fatal. In the same instance, Beowulf’s fighting ability is put to the test not twice, but three times. First, he had to defeat a monster, Grendel. Next, he had to defeat Grendel's mother. Lastly, he had to defeat the dragon. All of the archetypes portrayed in both The Hunger Games and Beowulf serve a purpose and without them, the plot would weaken because if there wasn't someone to help, test and be a hero, there would be no story.
Although both The Hunger Games and Beowulf are excellent example of Vogler’s twelve-step model of the Monomyth, both works of art are different, yet the same when it comes to their plots. The Hunger Games is more of in depth example of the monomyth, but is not of more importance than Beowulf because it is written just as well as The Hunger Games. Substantially, without Vogler's model of the Monomyth or any other interpretations, most of the popular films, literature and productions would not be as interesting, nor
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