Hero In The Outsiders

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Many people have a definition of the word hero. Some people’s definition of the word might be someone who stands up for what’s right and what is wrong. But this is my definition of the word hero. My definition of hero is someone who puts their life on the line, and doesn’t think of the rewards he will get. Also, someone who knows what the right thing to do in a difficult situation is. This definition fits the characters Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally. The three character’s in the book, The Outsiders. Our first character, Ponyboy Curtis, is the main character and also one of the first heroes we will be discussing. Ponyboy is in a gang known as The Greasers. Even though he was different from the rest of his gang members, Ponyboy was very…show more content…
Our final heroic character is Dally. Or also known as Dallas Winston. Dally is a rough greaser who robs stores, and gone to jail, and has a police record for which he is proud of. But Dally was more heroic than he appeared! For Ponyboy and Johnny, when the Soc Bob dies, Dally couldn’t have helped them at all, which would have then changed the whole plot of the story. This showed us how a greaser supports another greaser, no matter how bad the circumstance. Also, when the church was about to fall Dally, saved Johnny at the last moment. Here, Dally represented the symbol of a hero. Later, in the paper the newspaper describes the three boys as juvenile delinquents who have now turned into heroes. Since Dally was proud of the police record he had, he didn’t like being called a hero. But whether he liked it or not, he knew deep down that he was one. To prove he was a hero, there was a quote that symbolized sympathy for Dally. "Johnny, I ain 't mad at you. I just don 't want you to get hurt. You don 't know what a few months in jail can do you to you. Oh, blast it, Johnny" -- he pushed his white-blond hair back out of his eyes -- "you get hardened in jail. I don 't want that to happen to you. Like it happened to me..."(The outsiders, P.80, S.E. Hinton) . For Dally, Johnny was like a little brother to him. Always looking out for him and trying to do the best he can for him and Ponyboy as well. Dally wasn’t just some gangbanger, who liked to rob stores. He also looked out for the greasers, who are, and only were his only
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