Officer Jones: A Hero Analysis

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Burning houses, robberies, murders, and suicides are things that we face in today’s society. Without having “true heroes” in the societies in which we live, tragedies like this could never be stopped or prohibited. Many people question what makes a hero? Is it superman like powers? Or is a cape and a top-secret identity? Could it be saving the world every second from the violence we face every day? In my opinion the answer to those questions are “no”. A hero can have the distinguishing traits aforementioned, but most heroes are just everyday people going above and beyond normal expectations, such as our fellow police officers. Police officers are very comparable to those who fight for our nation, except they fight encounters in the very same…show more content…
The way I look at it is that he did go above and beyond his duty as a police officer in saving this man’s life, because he is not a fire fighter. I believe that the main cause of Officer Jones’s actions was his dedication to keeping people safe. Jones stated in the papers "I don 't really see myself as a hero; I was just doing my job," (Testa, 2014). The typical duties of a police officer are often: (1) keeping the peace; (2) law enforcement; (3) protection of people; and property; and (4) to investigate crimes. Jones however went well above his duties not once but twice, second time being when a man nearly drowned to death in a…show more content…
Although the responsibilities of a police officer are very broad, saving someone life from a burning home is not one of them. Jones was not only commended for his heroism, but he was also being a great cop going above and beyond the normal standards of a police officer. Officer Jones was seen to the community as someone who was doing something to protect them as a person, not as a police officer. To be consider a hero from your community takes a lot for people now and days. This essay was written to analyze the definition of a hero, but not just any hero a policer officer. I explained what I believed made him act in such a manner, whether I believed it was an appropriate decision, and what was consider to be the duties of a sworn police officer. In today’s society police officers are often portrayed negatively and that causes the positive actions to often be overlooked by those negative things. Many people may have chosen to write about police brutality, or police misconduct, because that is the only thing that you see in the media today, but I chose to write about what people fail to notice in our police officers. Officer Jones from the Murphysboro Police Department would always be looked as a hero from the community, but eventually would be tossed into an extinction pile just like every other good thing a person from the law enforcement
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