Hero Is A Hero

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Burning houses, robberies, murders, and suicides are things that we face in today’s society. Without having “true heroes” in the societies in which we live, tragedies like this could never be stopped or prohibited. Many people question what makes a hero? Is it superman like powers? Or is a cape and a top-secret identity? Could it be saving the world every second from the violence we face every day? In my opinion the answer to those questions are “no”. A hero can have the distinguishing traits aforementioned, but most heroes are just everyday people going above and beyond normal expectations, such as our fellow police officers. Police officers are very comparable to those who fight for our nation, except they fight encounters in the very same streets that we call home. These men and women lack superhuman capabilities, but the one thing they have is a sense of duty towards their fellow countrymen. On September 3, 2014 one of our fellow officers was commended for his heroic actions (Testa, 2014). Officer Benjamin Jones from the Murphysboro Police Department arrived at the scene of a reported fire. When Officer Jones arrived, a woman told Jones that her “baby” was inside of the home. With little thought, Officer Jones kicked down the door and was immediately hit with the heavy smoke and flames of the fire. He enter the home, squatting low to avoid any smoke inhalation, and found the victim, which turned out to be a grown man and not a baby as he thought. The man was alive,
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